Hannah's Poem: Why We Need Braille

When I was young
The world was dark
I’d open a book, but couldn’t see
All the wonders waiting for me
I felt my first dot
But like it, I did not
You see it was hard
And I was on my guard
But practice perfected
I no longer objected
And after a while
It made me smile
Dots became letters
Letters became words
Words became stories
And stories became pictures
Finally I could see
All the wonders waiting for me
I wonder what my life would be
If it wasn’t for Louis or NBP
Braille is my language, my code
The way I write and read
And since I cannot see
Braille is what I need.

Hannah Gevers smiling at the podium at the gala, Susan Wornick asking a question into her microphone on the right


Hannah Gevers, our guest at the 2021 Gala, read her original poem, written above. Please consider helping kids like Hannah, and help give them access to the braille they need!


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